Developing a competitive advantage calls for developing more intelligent software solutions.

Warehouse management system

Rewrite warehouse management system for a big Japanese
automobile manufacturer

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Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange allows the investors to trade for a variety of coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, ERC20 Tokens

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AI Keiba

Horse racing is a very popular sport in Japan
AI Keiba is a horse racing prediction system

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Private blockchain

Create a new blockchain network that has speed up to 10000tps with BFT consensus

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COSY – Connect happiness

A social network is inspired by LINE – the most popular sns mobile application in Japanese

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Crypto Wars

Bitcoin is the richest man in Crypto, his physical life does not lack of anything, he is the one that everybody in this area wants to be, but he has never been completely happy

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A live streaming mobile application targets to artists and singers for Japanese market

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Smart Reward

This system is a useful tool that companies use to increase the satisfaction and engagement of employees.

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Smart Funding

This is a Blockchain, Smartcontract application in the field of real estate

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