Understanding the origin and meaning of Blockchain. How it works and how it is secured?


Understanding the origin and meaning of Blockchain. How it works and how it is secured?

In this article, we explain the structure of Blockchain, using the encryption technology. If you wish to understand the origin of the name – Blockchain, read on.

1. What is Virtual Currency?

Virtual currency is a type of unregulated digital currency that is only available in electronic form.
Virtual Currency is stored and transacted only through dedicated digital wallets or designated software, mobile or computer applications.
The transactions happen over the internet through secure, dedicated networks.
It is a subgroup of the digital currency group, which also includes Cryptocurrencies. These exist within a Blockchain network.

There’s a common misconception, that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are one and the same. This is not the case. Creating Cryptocurrencies is only one of the numerous applications developed based on Blockchain technology.

2. Blockchain Technology, how it works?

A Blockchain is a chain of blocks that contain data or information.
In 2008, the first Blockchain was conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto. He created the first digital cryptocurrency called Bitcoin using Blockchain technology in the following year. Let’s have a look how a Blockchain actually works.

Each block in a Blockchain network stores some information along with the hash of its previous block. A hash is a unique mathematical code which belongs to a specific block. If the information inside the block is modified, the hash of the block will be subject to modification too. The connection of blocks through unique hash keys is what makes Blockchain secure.

While transactions take place on a Blockchain, there are nodes on the network that validate these transactions.
In Bitcoin Blockchain, these nodes are called “miners”. Miners use the concept of proof-of-work in order to process and validate transactions on the network.
In order for a transaction to be valid, each block must refer to the hash of its preceding block. The transaction will take place if and only if, the hash is correct. If a hacker tries to attack the network and change information of any specific block, the hash attached to the block will also get modified.

This will be detected as a breach. The modified hash will not match with the original one. This ensures that the Blockchain is unalterable. Any change made to the chain of blocks will be reflected throughout the entire network and will be detected easily.

In a nutshell, here’s how Blockchain allows transactions to take place:

  1. A Blockchain network makes use of public and private keys in order to form a digital signature ensuring security and consent.
  2. Once the authentication is ensured through these keys, the need for authorization arises.
  3. Blockchain allows participants of the network to perform mathematical verification and reach a consensus to agree on any particular value.
  4. While making a transfer, the sender uses their private key and announces the transaction information over the network. A block is created containing information such as the digital signature, timestamp, and the receiver’s public key.
  5. This block of information is broadcast through the network and the validation process starts.
  6. Miners all over the network start solving the mathematical puzzle related to the transaction in order to process it. Solving this puzzle requires the miners to invest their computing power.
  7. Upon solving the puzzle first, the miner receives rewards in the form of bitcoins. These are called proof-of-work mathematical problems.
  8. Once the majority of nodes in the network come to a consensus and agree on a common solution, the block is time-stamped and added to the existing Blockchain. This block can contain anything from money to data to messages.
  9. After the new block is added to the chain, the existing copies of the Blockchain are updated for all the nodes on the network.

3.  Finally

What are your thoughts on Blockchain? What other examples are you aware of or involved in that make use of Blockchain? Are you interested in this Technology?
Blockchain has a unique structure and a combination of various technologies, making it extremely difficult to tamper with.
In the future, Blockchain will continue to play an active role in many fields, not just virtual currency

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