What is Salesforce?


What is Salesforce?

In recent years, the IT industry has changed from server to cloud, and the cloud option has become unavoidable for companies. Meanwhile, Salesforce boasts the world’s top share in the cloud computing sales application and customer service application markets.

In this article, Salesforce will be explained and what Salesforce can be utilised for.

1. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the name of the service provided by Salesforce.com. It is classified as a CRM application that collects and analyses customer information for an optimal approach. The CRM industry includes Salesforce, Knowledge Suite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Oracle CRM on Demand, Kintone, and Zoho CRM. The biggest feature of Salesforce can be customized. The Salesforce service is originally equipped with a rich set of functions, but it can be linked to external systems and expanded. In addition, you can change the screen layout and database items with a simple operation using the mouse.


2. What you can do with Salesforce?

■ Provided by Salesforce

In sales support, customer management, marketing automation, automation of estimation work, customer data analysis, etc. are possible, and you can expect to attract customers and increase sales. With customer support, you can manage the contents of your inquiry on a single screen and expect higher customer satisfaction.

Commerce-like applications are also available, a B2B commerce platform for business buyers. Easily streamline business purchasing operations.

■ User custom application: In-house system can be implemented without difficult coding in the application provided by Salesforce. In-house data can be built and linked, and custom objects can be created. The ability to customize by users is the greatest strength of Salesforce.

■ Third-party apps: Apps that extend Salesforce developed by Salesforce.com partners. These apps are sold on the AppExchange marketplace. The extension makes it easier for users to use Salesforce.

3. Benefits of Salesforce

■ Improving customer management efficiency: Even today, there are many companies that use Excel data shared internally. However, Excel takes a lot of time for sales analysis and reporting. With Salesforce, you can easily record sales and forecast next year. You can also manage customer visits, which will prevent sales from being lost.

■ Cost reduction: Monthly billing through license purchase, so no hardware or software purchase is required.

■ Can be used anywhere: Because it is a cloud service, you can update customer information and manage projects anywhere as long as you have the Internet and the environment.

■ Excellent customizability: Items can be changed freely from the management screen, and the layout can be changed. It is also possible to change flow items for specific customers.


4. Finally

Salesforce is a sales support system that even small and medium businesses can start immediately. Since it can start small, it can be said that it is a method that can be used without much resistance even by employees who are less risky and accustomed to the conventional methods.


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